Monday, August 22, 2022

Mini Pizzas

I like making mini pizzas to freeze
 and have on hand for lunch, 
snack or if the grandkids come by.   
Pizzas can be made with a variation of 
different toppings.
 This is one of my favourites. 




1 large can pizza sauce(14oz).
1 pepperoni, I use Lester's.
1/2 green pepper.
Spices: Use what you have on hand.
I use oregano,
parsley, pepper, chives
and garlic powder.
Grated cheese.
Some mini tomatoes.
For the crust, 
One package of Naan Rounds, (16)
and 2 hamburger buns, separated.
(I wanted to use up all the sauce
so I added the hamburger buns.)

Slice the pepperoni, 
and green pepper as
thin as possible.
Slice the tomatoes.

Spread the crusts on cookie sheets
and cover with about 1 tbsp of sauce.

Place on the pepperoni,
  green pepper and sliced tomatoes.
Add the spices.

Next top with shredded cheese

Bake in a preheated oven at 400deg. F,
for 10 minutes.
To reheat, warm up in the oven 
or microwave, a few minutes
or enjoy cold.

Sometimes instead of pepperoni,
I use sausages, taking off the casing 
and cook in a skillet, adding it to
the pizza. Less fat than pepperoni.

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