Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine Bark

For the sweetest day of the year,
why not make some bark.
So fast and easy to make, 
no baking involved, 
with only two ingredients
 and some candy for decoration. 
And it tastes delicious.

My photo is a yellowish.

The ingredients I used.
Graham Wafers,
Candy Melts
 (or white chocolate chips)
and candy decorations.

I found these little chocolate 
hearts in Korvette's store.
"Iddy Biddy Hearts" how cute...

Candy sprinkles

I lined my pan with parchment
paper, then the wafers.
I had to cut one wafer to fit.
With a surrogated knife, 
they cut well.

Melted the Candy Melts 
in the microwave.
About 1 minute.
Spread it over the wafers.
Add the candy decorations.
I put it in the refrigerator to harden.
About 15 minutes.

I cut/broke it with a large knife
and a rubber mallet.

 These photos are dark,
lack of sunshine.

Kids will love these, 
 in little baskets
 from the Dollarstore.

 A nice treat

Happy Valentine Day
to all my friends....
Thanks for your visit...