Friday, February 12, 2021

Valentine Chocolate Oreo Truffles

 I made these no bake,
 Oreo Chocolate Truffles for
 a Valentine treat this year.

I choose Latté Oreo Cookies.
I was surprised at all the choice of 
Oreos Cookies in the stores.
Any kind of Oreos will do, to make truffles. 


287gr. box of Oreo cookies

1 340g. of Betty Crocker whipped chocolate frosting,
I used 3/4 of the container.
(Cream cheese can also be used)

Chocolate for dipping.
I used Chipits that I had on hand.

(Candy melts from Michaels or 
the Bulk Barn is better for dipping.)

Candy decorations.

Put the Oreos in a food processor, mixer,
 or food chopper and pulse until they are fine crumbs,
or place your cookies in a baggie and 
crush them with a rolling pin.

Add 3/4 of the container of the whipped icing 
and pulse again until all mixed in,
or mix the icing in with a mixer, or by hand.

Roll your cookie mixture into 1" (one inch) size balls.
Place your balls on wax paper in the freezer 30-45 minutes.

Melt your chocolate.
Because I used chipits,
I had to add 3/4 tbsp. vegetable oil with 
 1 cup of the chocolate chips.

I used the microwave for melting. 
The chocolate must be stirred at intervals 
to reach the right consistency
and to  prevent burning.
A glass bowl is not recommended, because
 it gets too hot and cooks the chocolate.
Use a plastic microwave bowl.

First melt for 14 minutes and stir. 
Then 10 minutes, and stir.
Then 10 more minutes and stir.

Dip the balls into the chocolate holding with a fork,
rolling the ball around in the chocolate and
 tapping the fork on the edge of the bowl,
to help the excess chocolate drip off.
With a toothpick slide the truffle off the fork 
and onto parchment paper to harden.
If you are using decorations,
 do so before the chocolate hardens.

This is my first time doing this. 
I have room for improvement.

Enjoy, they are delicious!!

I gave some for gifts.

Thanks for your visit xo

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Panettone Bread In The Bread Machine

 My sister Annie is an expert with the Bread Machine.
She makes a lot of different delicious breads.
It's a time saver from the homemade bread 
my dear Mom used to make, to feed our large 
family, spending most of her day in the kitchen. 

Just pop in the ingredients and press buttons,
carry on with your day,  and in a few hours,
this beautiful delicious loaf of bread emerges, 
which is responsible for the delicious aroma
 in the kitchen and thought the house. 

We use Bread Machine Yeast. (2 1/4 tsp.)
for the large 2 pound loaf.
Gently warm cold eggs by placing whole eggs in a bowl 
and covering with moderately hot tap water for 10 minutes. 

This is the size of loaf we use.
We use all-purpose flour
and omit the pine nuts and anise seed.

Instructions from the book.


Place ingredients in the order listed,
(I save the fruit and put it in when the machine beeps)
 in the bread pan fitted with the kneading paddle.

Place the bread pan in the bread maker.
Press Menu and select Sweet Breads.
Press Crust and select Medium (or to taste).
Press loaf and select dough size.
Press start to mix, knead, rise and bake.

(This is the way I do it.)
When the machines beeps, add in the mixed fruit.
Then press Start to continue.

When cycle is completed, remove bread
 from the machine and transfer to wire rack to cool. 
Bread slices best when allowed to cool. 

There are many great brands of Bread Makers
and they all work well.
I have a "Black And Decker" 
Bread Machine and it is great also.

Instructions for 1 1/2 and 1 pound loafs.

Panettone bread is an Italian Bread.
Usually on sale in stores in my region around Christmas time.


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for delicious Raisin Bread In The Bread Machine.

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