Sunday, August 13, 2017

How To Freeze Raspberries

I like to freeze raspberries and enjoy
 them all year in my baking,
in smoothies, on ice-cream dishes 
or with cereal in the morning.

I use this method of freezing 
because it's easier to take
 a portion of what we need and 
they aren't all frozen together in one huge clump.

I place them on a large surface
 and pick through them
discarding any stocks etc.

Place them on a cookie sheet or tray
not touching each other.
This is time consuming
but worth the effort.

Place the cookie sheet or tray
 in the freezer and freeze until frozen
Around 3 hrs.

After they have frozen,
 remove from freezer and 
measure out 2 or 4  cup portions.

Place in freezer bags
and keep frozen until
ready to use.

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