Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pumpkin Orange Jam

Pumpkins are in season.
This jam is a family favourite.

My Mom made many kinds of jams.
She grew her pumpkins
and made this jam every year,
to feed her large family.
Pumpkins are easily grown.

We always had a pumpkin patch.
I remember pumpkins being kept over 
the winter months and she would make
 jam whenever she got the time.

You won't find pumpkin jam on the 
grocery shelves and
 many people have never heard of it.

I am sharing my Mom's recipe.

A simple recipe with only three
ingredients, pumpkin, oranges and sugar.

8 cups pumpkin chopped up
4 cups sugar
3 medium oranges

Cut up pumpkin in small pieces.

I prefer a smaller cooking pumpkin
 than those huge ones for carving.

Add 1 cup sugar for 
each 2 cups of pumpkin.

Let sit overnight. 

The sugar brings out 
the juices of the pumpkin.

The next morning
2 large oranges or 3 medium oranges
  Grate outer layer of oranges.

Cut out the white skin/membrane
 under the rind and discard.

Chop up orange
Combine the grated rind, 
chopped orange and
any juice to the pumpkin mixture.

Bring mixture to a boil, 
reduce heat and simmer uncovered 
stirring occasionally for 30 minutes.

Optional: Mash the jam with a potato masher, 
 or hand held blender.

Fill sterilized jars

After washing my jars and covers, 
I put them in the oven on a low temperature
and keep them hot until I'm ready to fill them.

Great on toast for breakfast
or an afternoon tea
on a tea biscuit.

My "Sunshine Jam"

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Book Gravy said...

Wow this sounds great. I'd love to try some of my grandma's jam.

Book Gravy said...

Its jason

Betsy said...

I just saw this on your instagram and had to come to get recipe. Thank you for posting. I am definitely making it. How do you store yours? Can I do a water bath?

Thelma said...

Hi Betsy. Thanks for your visit. I store the jam in cool place or in the fridge. A water bath is good to do also. I find it less trouble to do it in the oven. If some of them don't seal, then I place them in a deep pot and boil them for around 10 minutes and usually they will seal after.